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Bathroom remodeling in Oakmont, CA

Trust a Professional for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are prime candidates for remodeling for numerous reasons. You will realize a high return on investment if you focus your renovation efforts on your bathroom, as experts claim it can increase home value by as much as 40%. Bathroom renovation in Oakmont, CA, can also provide you with the “joy factor” as you are able to enjoy improvements to a space that you spend a lot of time in. With so many benefits to remodeling, don’t fall victim to the temptation to DIY the procedure. Here are some important reasons to trust the job to a professional.

Install Costly Features Correctly

When you are spending the money to install new items in your bathroom, you should ensure that they are taken care of and done correctly. Professionals will arrive with the best tools and knowledge of the most innovative techniques to handle your job quickly and efficiently. Some common choices for professional bathroom upgrades near Oakmont, CA, include the following:


  • Installation of new fixtures
  • Repairs and new plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • New paint job
  • Installation of fans and exhaust systems
  • Installation of a new floor
  • Installation of new tiles
  • Work on cabinetry and carpentry
Planning a bathroom remodel

Save Time

Hiring professionals to complete the work of bathroom remodeling in Oakmont, CA can save a great deal of time. As a busy homeowner balancing work and life demands, you could easily spend six months remodeling a small bathroom while a professional can finish the job in a matter of weeks. Considering the old adage “time is money,” this is an important consideration.

Plumbing and Electrical

Bathroom renovations inevitably require some complex tasks to finish the job. Mechanical systems related to plumbing and wiring have complex codes and regulations that must be considered. Professional plumbers and contractors have extensive knowledge of these issues and can easily navigate local code requirements. These complex tasks are best left to professional bathroom remodeling services near Oakmont, CA.

Carpentry Tasks

Bathroom renovations often involve extensive carpentry tasks. Changes to the existing layout of the restroom may require demolishing walls in the bathroom or cutting into an adjacent room. Walls also need to be built, whether it’s completing a square footage increase, boxing in a shower, or creating privacy for the toilet. Installation of vapor barriers and insulation is also an important consideration. Unless you are a skilled carpenter, these tasks are best left to a professional.

Tile Work

The most popular bathroom remodeling trends of today include elaborate tilework on floors, walls, and showers. Intricate geometric tile patterns, sleek matte tile finishes, large white tiles with patterned focal points, subway tiles installed in vertical, horizontal, or herringbone designs, and tiles with dimensional finishes are all the rage in contemporary bathroom finishes. These tasks are best left to the skills of a professional to ensure quality of installation.

Call a Professional Today

If you are interested in adding value to your home by updating your bathroom functionality and aesthetics, don’t sacrifice potential quality or waste time and money attempting to do it yourself. Contact Prushko Plumbing for professional bathroom remodeling in the Oakmont, CA, area today.

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