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Drain Repair

Drain Repair

A clogged or broken drain should always be fixed right away. At Prushko Plumbing, our plumbers and technicians provide professional and courteous drain repair when you need it.

Signs You Need Drain Repair

Because your drains are not readily visible, you have to rely on signs there is a problem to detect it early. Consider these cues that your drains are broken or clogged:

Slow Running Drains
A slowdown in water draining from sinks, showers, or bathtubs is a sign that something is blocking the drain and plumbing.

Standing Water
Standing water in a shower or sink is an obvious sign that something is wrong. If you see this, resist the urge to pour chemicals down the sink. Instead, call us to schedule a service call so we can get to the bottom of the issue.

Foul Odors Coming From Drains
This is a sign that gasses are escaping your drains. It’s a good idea to call for an inspection as soon as you notice odd odors coming from your drains.

The Washing Machine Doesn’t Fully Drain
This is a sign that your outlet line is obstructed. The problem could be just past the washer, or it could be much further down. Our plumbers will identify the clog and find the best removal approach.

Slow Drain
Sink Draining

Drain Repair Services We Provide

At Prushko Plumbing, we provide a full array of residential and commercial plumbing services, including the following drain repair services:

  • During a drain inspection, our plumbers use the latest technology to identify issues inside drains and plumbing so they can fix them.
  • Clogged drain repair is quick and easy with professional tools.
  • Drain repairs and rebuilds are commonly needed once the problem is identified. Our plumbers use high-quality products and professional tools to get the job done right the first time

Professional Drain Repair in Sonoma, CA

Prushko Plumbing has served the Sonoma area for more than 40 years with professional and knowledgeable service. Contact us today by calling (707) 996-1850 or texting (707) 933-7586 to schedule a drain repair or other plumbing service.

For all your plumbing repair needs in Sonoma, contact us.

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