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Fast & Efficient Sewer Repair Services in Sonoma

Sewer service makes it simple to dispose of household wastewater. Typically, once it goes down the drain, you don’t need to worry about it again. However, when things go wrong, they must be fixed. Call Prushko Plumbing to ensure your sewer repair is done right the first time — we guarantee it.

Sewer Line Repair

Wastewater flows from a home to the sewer system through lateral lines. Factors including aging materials, root intrusion, and building on top of sewer lines can cause breaks in lateral lines. Problems can develop if these breaks are not fixed. For example, wastewater may seep into the surrounding ground, or foreign objects can completely clog the compromised pipes.

Additionally, The Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District requires all homeowners with sewer pipes 30 years or older to have lateral sewer lines inspected. You are also required to make repairs if needed to avoid damage to other parts of sewer infrastructure. Our sewer repair specialist is here to help ensure you meet this requirement.


Why Choose Prushko Plumbing for Your Sewer Service

Prushko Plumbing has been Sonoma’s go-to plumbing service for over 45 years. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand how important honesty, transparency, and excellent customer service are. That’s why we bring each of those to every customer who trusts us with their sewer service.

When you hire Prushko Plumbing, you get:

  • Treated with honesty, courtesy, and respect
  • Professional repair work done quickly and correctly
  • Fair and honest pricing on all work we perform
  • Plumbers equipped with the latest tools and technology

Signs You Need Sewer Service

A sewer line failure can lead to catastrophic damage. Luckily, several signs of a problem usually appear long before it gets to that point. Keeping an eye out for these signs can help you avoid a messy sewer backup or complete failure, allowing you to catch a problem while it is still small:

  • Lingering sewer odors near drains or in your yard
  • Fluctuating water levels in the toilet bowl
  • Gurgling sounds coming from pipes
  • Wet or soggy areas in the yard or around the sewer cleanout
  • Multiple slow drains in the house

Professional Sewer Service in Sonoma, CA

Prushko Plumbing offers professional and courteous sewer service in the Sonoma area. When you call us, our sewer repair specialist will perform an inspection, provide a free estimate, and complete any approved repairs promptly. Contact us to learn more about our sewer repair services and to schedule an appointment.

For septic tank repair in Sonoma, contact us today.

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