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Line Inspections

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Earlier, troubles related to plumbing could only be diagnosed by guessing and digging random areas around a property. In modern times, video cameras have become the most valuable tool for a plumber to diagnose pipe problem. These specially made water proof cameras allows a visual inspection of plumbing lines all along the inside of the pipe that are underground.

Save Time & Energy

Line inspection makes it easy for the plumber to know exactly what and where the problem is; saving time and money. A flexible fiber-optic wire is inserted into a pipe with a video camera fitted at the end to perform the line inspection. With high-resolution and powerful camera lights, the plumber gets a complete view of the pipes. It identifies all types of problems, such as root intrusion, a pipe that is misaligned, punctured, broken, off-grade or corroded.

Minimize The Risk With Line Inspection

Clogged or broken sewer lines will result in a terrible stench and flooding, which may further result in flooring damage or moldy wood. The video camera also figures out grease build-up, leaks, and obstructions in the sewer line. The inspection can be repeated to verify that the sewer line has been proficiently cleaned or repaired. We perform sewer line services along with professional drain cleaning. It is the perfect time to have your drains cleaned.

Licensed & Prompt Services

Video camera line inspections are the best for residential and commercial use. It’s not only good when the problem arises, but it’s recommended to conduct regular inspections as a form of preventative maintenance, saving money in future repairs. Technicians at Prushko Plumbing offer superior quality line inspections. We are committed to exceptional customer service. From the moment you schedule a service to the moment we leave your place; we ensure courtesy, cleanliness, and consistency!

Get top-quality line inspections to keep your plumbing systems running smoothly.

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