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Garbage Disposal

Top-Notch Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Service in Sonoma, CA

A garbage disposal is a helpful household appliance we often take for granted until it stops working. When this unfortunate scenario unfolds, you can count on our team of Prushko Plumbing professionals to restore or replace your garbage disposal in a cost-efficient and timely manner. We’ve been helping our friends and neighbors in the Sonoma area with their garbage disposals for decades. How can we be of service to you today?

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals can sustain damage in several ways. Whether your silverware snuck down the drain, greasy foods clogged the pipes, or fibrous foods bound the machine up, we can help. Some signs that your disposal is not working right include strange noises, leaks, decreased performance, and complete loss of function. If you need help identifying the source of your garbage disposal trouble, we’ll respond quickly to address the issue and restore functionality to your kitchen.

New Garbage Disposal Installation

If your existing garbage disposal is irreparable or you wish to install a newer model, you can count on the Prushko pros to do the job right the first time, on time, and for less. We only install the highest quality garbage disposals and can help you choose which model best fits your needs. We also offer free estimates to help you plan.

Garbage Disposal Under the Sink

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