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Plumbing Repair

Fast Solutions For Your Worst Plumbing Problems

A broken pipe can cause thousands of dollars in water damage, not to mention ruin priceless and irreplaceable personal items. That’s why it is so important to have plumbing repairs performed by a qualified contractor. Prushko Plumbing has been helping Sonoma residents keep their plumbing in top working order for over 40 years.

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Our Plumbing Repair Services

Plumbing repairs can take any number of forms. Our certified plumbers have the training and experience to provide professional service for a host of problems, including:

  • Faucet repair for leaking, dripping, or broken faucets
  • Repiping to replace broken, outdated, or damaged pipes
  • Rooter service to clear stubborn clogs without harsh chemicals
  • Sewer line repair for problems such as root infiltration or breaks in sewer discharge pipes
  • Slab leak repair to diagnose, access, and repair leaks under slab foundations
  • Toilet repair for running or leaking toilets

We perform more than repairs. Our comprehensive plumbing services include remodeling, water heater and garbage disposal installation, drain repair, line inspections, and septic system diagnostics and repair.

Our Service Area

Prushko Plumbing has been based in Sonoma, CA, since 1976. We proudly serve the city and surrounding communities. Call us today to see if we serve your area.

Reasons to Choose Prushko Plumbing for Your Repairs

Prushko Plumbing is a second-generation family-run business. We take pride in building relationships with each customer we serve. Every time you schedule a service call with us, you are guaranteed these benefits:
• Free estimates
• Honest and competitive pricing
• Experienced and knowledgeable plumbers
• Courteous and professional customer service
• Personalized service

Signs You Need Plumbing Repair

Some signs of plumbing trouble are pretty obvious. For example, there could be water dripping through a ceiling or pooling in the bathtub. However, there are plenty of other signs of problems that are much easier to overlook, including the following:
• Strange odors coming from drains (sinks, showers, toilets, etc.) could be a sign of sewer or septic trouble that needs attention.
• Gurgling when water is draining is a potential indicator of a partial clog. Clearing it early before it causes a backup can save you the headache of dealing with water damage.
• Moldy or musty smells in cabinets near waterlines are a sign of excess moisture, which could be caused by a leaking pipe or fixture.

Contact Prushko for Professional Plumbing Repair

Prushko Plumbing provides professional repairs completed by an experienced and knowledgeable plumbing contractor. Contact us when you need plumbing repairs. We’ll schedule a service call to diagnose the problem and provide a free estimate for any needed repairs.

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