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Bathroom remodeling in CA

The Biggest Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

Anyone who watches home improvement shows knows that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, so it stands to reason that your bathroom should be a priority when it comes to investing in home renovations. Bathrooms get plenty of use but are not always a priority when it comes to updating and fixing up. If you decide to invest in bathroom remodeling in Sonoma, CA, you will realize the following benefits.

Updated Design

You spend a great deal of time in your bathroom, so it should be an appealing space with aesthetics that match your style. Some of the most popular bathroom upgrades in Sonoma, CA, include the following:

  • Cabinetry and carpentry updates
  • Electrical improvements
  • New floor installation
  • New fixtures
  • Updated paint
  • New bathroom tiles
  • Exhaust and fan installations
  • Plumbing work
Plumber fixing under the sink in the kitchen

Improved Safety

If your bathroom is older, it is probably full of safety hazards, such as lead paint, mold or mildew, uneven floors, and chipped or cracked tile. By utilizing bathroom remodeling services near Sonoma, CA, you can fix existing problems and install new safety features, such as slip-resistant floors or a zero-threshold shower. Not only will you improve your bathroom’s safety, but you could potentially lengthen the amount of time you can remain in your home.

Environmental Friendliness

A bathroom renovation in Sonoma, CA, offers numerous opportunities to implement environmentally friendly options. You can choose renovation materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable to minimize your footprint. Additionally, such items as low-flow toilets, energy-saving lights, motion-detecting lighting, and water-saving faucets will benefit the environment while saving you money.

Improved Functionality

Is your bathroom layout ideal for your lifestyle? Do you have two sink basins in a shared bathroom area? Do you use your bathtub? Is your toilet located in a private location? Are your countertops tall enough, or maybe too tall? Do you have sufficient storage? If your needs have changed over time while your bathroom features have not, it’s probably time for a renovation. By increasing or optimizing square footage, adding storage options, and upgrading existing features, you will greatly improve the functionality of your bathroom.

Add Value

A quality bathroom renovation can add a great deal to the overall value of your home. Some experts say that a good remodel can increase your home’s value by 10-40%, and can also encourage more offers on your home. The difficult part of remodeling for a monetary increase is that you have to use caution in your spending on the remodel. The options that will create the biggest return on your investment in a renovation include modernizing fixtures, maximizing floor space, and updating worn-out portions of the bathroom. To accomplish these things, you should consider tackling a vanity upgrade, replacing flooring, and replacing your tub with a larger shower.

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