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You may not give much thought to your Santa Rosa, CA home’s plumbing until problems occur that could
cause damage, such as leaks and water appliance overflows. Attempting to fix such issues yourself may
lead to more severe plumbing problems, so calling us at Prushko Plumbing for a residential plumber in
Santa Rosa, CA, can prevent costly errors and help you understand a few plumbing issues common to
the area, which may help you spot potential plumbing issues before they cause flooding and damage to
your home.

Slow Drainage

If you find that the drains in your Santa Rosa, CA home empty slowly, this could be due to the hard water in the area. Hard water contains a variety of minerals and may cause a variety of problems, including:

• Residue on washed dishes and clothing
• Mineral deposit buildup on plumbing pipes
• Reduced water quality

Contacting us for residential plumbing service near Santa Rosa, CA, can help you resolve your hard water problems in a variety of ways. Our experienced plumbers can examine your pipes for calcium and magnesium deposits that could be slowing your home’s drainage. They can also recommend adding a water softener to your home’s plumbing system to decrease hard water problems and provide your home with cleaner dishes, clothing and water appliances.

Pipe Leaks

Santa Rosa’s weather often affects residential plumbing and causes leaky pipes. This type of problem is usually caused by high humidity, which can cause pipes to expand and develop small leaks that may grow over time. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, leaky pipes may eventually burst and cause serious flooding. If you need a plumber in Santa Rosa, CA, our service technicians can examine, repair or replace your home’s pipes and provide you with a variety of tips that may help extend the life of your home’s plumbing system.

Leaking Pipe

Malfunctioning Water Heaters

Santa Rosa’s hard water often causes trouble with the area’s home water heaters, as mineral deposits
often collect on the floor of the units over time. When this occurs, it can lower the efficiency of the unit in
your home, leading to difficulty with your shower and washing temperatures and an increase in your water
bill. Our technicians can test and flush your water heater to remove the mineral deposits that could affect
its proper function.

Clogged Pipes

While you might be able to fix the occasional clogged bathroom pipe on your own, in most cases, such
blockages require an experienced plumber to ensure the affected pipe was not damaged and that the
clog is removed completely. In some cases, the lime content in Santa Rosa’s water creates limescale on
the interior of a pipe, which is usually difficult to remove with store-bought drain cleaners. Our plumbers
can remove these deposits so your home’s water runs and drains as it should.
No matter your plumbing needs, we at Prushko Plumbing have you covered. Call us today at (707) 996-
1850 for a free estimate and protect your home from burst pipes and flooding that could cause long-term
problems for you as a homeowner.

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