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What Should I Do If My Pipes Freeze and How Can I Prevent It?

January 19, 2023

If your home’s water suddenly stops flowing this winter, frozen pipes may be to blame. This scenario may sound scary, but there are ways you can rectify it. Here are some tips from a plumber Sonoma, CA, to help you restore and maintain running water.

What Should I Do If My Pipes Freeze?

Frozen pipes are a hassle, but there are some steps you can take to thaw them.

1. Open Your Faucet
Open the faucet connected to the affected pipe to allow water to flow freely as the pipe thaws.
2. Heat the Frozen Pipe
Apply gentle heat to the frozen pipe. You can use a hairdryer, an electric blanket or a heating pad as a heat source.
3. Be Cautious
Avoid using dangerous high-heat methods, such as a blow torch. Whatever heat source you use, monitor it closely and clear the area of any flammable materials before you get started.
4. Call an Emergency Plumber
Frozen pipes are brittle and easy to damage. When in doubt, call a plumber in Sonoma, CA, to help. An experienced emergency plumber can unthaw your pipes while preventing damage and additional plumbing issues.

How Do I Prevent Frozen Pipes?

You can prevent frozen pipes with a few easy steps.

1. Let Faucets Drip
When the temperatures drop, allow your faucets to drip. A slight trickle of water may prevent ice from building and obstructing the pipes.
2. Disconnect Exterior Water Lines
Close your outdoor spigot supply valves and drain and disconnect exterior water lines, such as garden hoses. Tuck drained hoses away for safekeeping until warmer weather returns.
3. Add Insulation
You can protect your pipes by adding some insulation to the areas surrounding them. Additionally, seal off any wall gaps or cracks with a weatherproof sealant.
4. Make Some Minor Modifications
Making some adjustments can save you a lot of hassle down the road. Add a lamp with a low-wattage bulb to the areas of concern, always keep your home temperature above 55 degrees Fahrenheit and open your cabinets to allow warmer air to reach the pipes.

Call a Prushko Plumber Sonoma, CA

If you need a plumber Sonoma, CA, to help thaw your frozen pipes or repair the resulting damage from a freeze, give the pros at Prushko Plumbing a call at (707) 996-1850 or send us a quick text at (707) 933-7586 (PLUM). For non-emergency service or inquiries, feel free to fill out our convenient online contact form. We hope you won’t need our emergency plumber services, but we’re here to help if you do!


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