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Water Heater in a homes basement

Why is My Water Heater Making Noise?

February 23, 2023

Your home has many appliances, and your water heater is the most important. Washing your dishes, doing laundry and taking showers all depend on it working correctly. Sometimes water heaters can make unusual sounds that signal that a repair is necessary. Here you will find information to help you identify those noises so you know when to call for water heater repair service.

What Sounds Require Water Heater Repair?

There are many different sounds your water heater can make that require attention. While not all water heaters make the same sounds, knowing some of the particular noises can help to identify the cause. Some to be aware of are:

  • Popping, the sound of running water, knocking
  • Hissing, bubbling, vibrating
  • Crackling, banging, tapping

Some sounds signal minor issues, like popping or banging from sediment buildup, knocking from unstable pipes, or tapping from old valves or heat traps. More severe noises are hissing or running water from a leak. If you hear crackling, it can indicate an electrical problem causing possible electric shock or fire danger. When this happens, turn off your water and power right away to avoid injury.

When to Call for Water Heater Service

Any time you are unsure of an unusual noise from your water heater is an excellent time to contact a professional technician who can adequately evaluate and troubleshoot the issue. Prushko Plumbing offers many water heater services that can help with minor and severe repairs or replacements. Minor repairs like pipe adjustments due to a knocking sound, a hissing sound caused by a leak or a challenging issue like crackling involving electricity are all reasons to call for water heater service immediately.

What Options Are Available for Water Heater Installation? 

Many cost-effective options exist when your water heater is old and needs replacement. Tankless or hybrid water heaters are available and can help to lower your energy bill. If your home gets plenty of sunshine, a solar water heater may suit you. Whatever type or style you choose, Prushko Plumbing has all types of water heaters available.

Contact Us Today for Your Water Heater Repair Service

Whether you need water heater repair or replacement, our Prushko Plumbing experts are here. Our technicians provide safe and accurate repair or installation to ensure you get the best possible service in the Sonoma area. We provide same-day assistance to get you back to enjoying the comforts of your home. Contact us today to schedule an on-site appointment!